Philadelphia 2021 Judicial Elections

Yes, it’s election time again. Yes, we just did this. We’re doing it again. This time for the District Attorney, a whole slew of judges, and some ballot questions.

The resources I used were:

A white cat with brown markings on his head sits in a black office chair.
Leo would like you to know that he tried to help but his efforts were rejected.

Justices of the Supreme Court, the Superior Court, and the Commonwealth Court

These are the first 3 sections, and they’re pretty neatly divided into partisan lines. I decided that I would pick the Democrats over the Republicans and that it wasn’t worth leaving any blanks

Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court

For these, since there are no Republicans running, I voted yes for those endorsed by the Working Famil8ies Party and left the others blank (neither yes nor no). I’ll save you a click and list the candidates endorsed by the Working Families Party here:

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas
Wendi Barish
Chris Hall
Michele Hangley
Nick Kamau
Cateria McCabe
Caroline Turner
Betsy Wahl

Philadelphia Municipal Court
Michael Lambert
Greg Yorgey-Girdy

District Attorney

Also divided into partisan lines, but Larry Krasner (D) does have the Working Families Party Endorsements.

City Controller

There’s only one person running. Easy.

Judicial Retention – Superior Court and Commonwealth Court

They’re all Republicans and I voted no on all of them. Their party affiliations came from Ballotpedia

Judicial Retention – Court of Common Pleas

I left most of these blank since most of them will be retained. However, the ones I voted no on were:

Judicial Retention – Municipal Court

I left most of these blank since most of them will be retained. However, the ones I voted no on were:

  • Frank T Brady – allowed a delay that kept a kid in the school to prison pipeline. It’s only one case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others.
  • Patrick Dugan – he may have made disparaging remarks about the Peurto Rican community

I also voted yes on Craig M. Washington because the FOP appears to not like him.

Ballot Questions

I’d check out the Philadelphia Citizen’s article on the election for these. The info is towards the bottom.

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